Pocock at Maidstone Museum

We recently reminded you of the Kent Field Club's display case at the Maidstone MuseumMaidstone Museum.  This has now been updated by KFC members Judith Shorter, Malcom and Sally Jennings as part of the Pocock Herbarium ProjectPocock Herbarium Project

Judith has been busy trying to re-create Robert Pocock's herbarium she says - "When I became involved with Pocock I decided to try and replicate his herbarium.  I have managed to collect a number of specimens, a great many when I was out on KFC field trips and with a deal of help from some field club members."

Malcolm has spent many hours finding the text, photographs & prints to tell stories about Pocock’s plants. 

Sally and Malcom visited the South London Botanical Institute at Tulse Hill to collect a vasculum and plant press for the display and visited Maidstone Museum a number of times in order to prepare the display.  

Many thanks to Alex Gurr, the curator, who mounted the text and set up the display, and the SLBI who loaned the press & vasculum.