• Field meetings
    Field meetings
    Our field visits and indoor winter meetings are free to members.
  • Orthoptera Recording
    Orthoptera Recording
    Find out more about recording Kent's grasshoppers, bush-crickets, crickets and ground-hoppers.
  • Wildlife Notes
    Wildlife Notes
    Terry and Susan Dove's monthly wildlife notes from Little Barton Farm.

Kent Field Club, founded in 1955, aims to deepen the understanding and appreciation of the natural history of Kent, England. Our membership ranges across the spectrum from professional experts in a particular field of study to those who simply appreciate the aesthetic beauty of our countryside and love to walk in it, observing its wildlife in the company of like-minded people.

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Latest News

AGM on 29th March cancelled

  Unfortunately, given the current health situation, the planned Club AGM on the 29th March has been postponed. A formal meeting will take place as soon as it is deemed advisable.

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Nature's Sure Connected - 'Bugs Matter!' volunteers needed

Take part in this survey to help Kent Wildlife Trust understand wildlife declines: Recent scientific research has shown that in Europe, flying insects have declined by 75%. In the UK, we don’t have the data to assess this trend for most insect groups, but we do know that many are in decline here too. These are very worrying statistics, not only for insects but also for the huge number plants and animals (including humans) that depend on them for food, pollination and other essential functions. We need to act now to understand what is happening to them and work towards a Wilder Kent. By counting the insects that get squished on the number plate of your car, you can help us assess the insect trends and the productivity of ecosystems in Kent. You can contribute on any journey you take within the county between June and September 2019.  Any journey within Kent will give us valuable data – simply driving to work or school is perfect. Shorter journeys are especially useful and will help us...

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Nature's Sure Connected - Butterfly Survey

Are our landscapes becoming more joined up? Kent Wildlife Trust has teamed up with Butterfly Conservation to see if habitat connectivity is improving. By looking for key butterfly species, chosen for their dispersal ecology characteristics, and searching nearby to where we know they are found, you can help them understand if species are able to move from one patch to another though a more connected landscape. Help the Nature’s Sure Connected project answer this question by signing up to be a butterfly monitoring volunteer for your area. Read more about the project and how to get involved here: https://www.kentwildlifetrust.org.uk/get-involved/our-projects/natures-sure-connected

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Little Barton Farm Wildlife Notes by Terry and Susan Dove