Nature Notes September 2020

Total monthly rainfall: 27 millimetres. Maximum daily rainfall: 12.5 millimetres on 25th September.

The nine days between September 23rd and 30th had 100% cloud-cover for at least part of the day, plus a further two days on the 3rd and 7th.

Maximum temperature on the warmest day was 29°C on September 15th, and on the coldest days was 12°C on the 26th and 27th.

Strong winds between the 24th and 27th brought down one large goat willow tree and many leaves and small branches.

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Nature Notes August 2020

Total monthly rainfall: 71.2 millimetres. Maximum daily rainfall: 26 mllimetres (17th August). During the month there were 11 days with 100% cloud-cover for at least part of the day, and from 11th August onwards there were 13 days when rain fell. Woodland pond levels, however, remained very low throughout the month. Maximum temperature on the hottest day was 35°C on August 7th, and the six days between the 7th and 12th had temperatures at or above 32°C. Maximum temperature on the coldest day was 16°C on August 29th during a spell of 5 days when the maximum temperature fell below 20°C.

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Due to the cancellation of our field programme this year, there will unfortunately be none of the usual meeting reports to compile into this year's Bulletin. To make up for this, the Assistant Editor would be happy to receive any reports from members, whether from your house or garden, your local area or further afield in Kent. These can be accounts for specific sites and occasions or observations of notable species. If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch via the website.


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New Atlas of the Kent Flora (2010) reprint

For anyone who doesn’t have Eric Philp’s New Atlas of the Kent Flora (2010), the Kent Field Club plans to produce a reprint. Note that this will not be a new print run of the hardback original. It has a soft-back binding and a plain cover, but is in colour and includes all that is in the original. In order to minimise the price of each copy, it will be useful to gauge interest. If you think you might like a copy, please let us know via the website.  

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