Folkestone Warren field meeting

Six Kent Field Club members met on 1st July to record the wildlife of the undercliff at Folkestone Warren.

Grazing has been restored to part of the Warren in recent years this area was investigated as well as the slumped cliffs along East Wear Bay. Plants of interest included blunt-flowered rush Juncus subnodulosus, thread-leaved water crowfoot Ranunculus tricophyllus and the stonewort Chara hispida in a wet flush; deadly nightshade Atropa belladonna and the moss Neckera crispa in chalk grassland, and wild madder Rubia peregrina, curved hard-grass Parapholis incurva, rock samphire Crithmum maritimum and golden samphire Inula crithmoides on the cliffs and sea wall. The highlight of the day however was a rose chafer Cetonia aurata seen in the afternoon.

Text and photo courtesy of Alfie Gay.