Past Events

Event Event Date Location Price
Hartley wood for fungi 24-09-2016 Hartley Wood, Hartley Free
Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells, for lichens & fungi. 02-10-2016 Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells Free
Badgin & Rice Woods, Faversham for fungi 08-10-2016 Badgin and Rice woods, Faversham Free
Southborough Common for fungi 15-10-2016 Southborough Common Free
Kent Wildlife Conference 2016 15-10-2016 University of Kent Free
Gorham Wood, Bicknor for fungi 23-10-2016 Admiral & Gorham Woods Free
Broadwater Warren, Tunbridge Wells for fungi 29-10-2016 Broadwater Forest RSPB Reserve Free
Parkwood & Great Heron wood, near Appledore, for fungi 05-11-2016 Parkwood & Great Heron wood, near Appledore Free
St Margaret’s Bay for an afternoon meeting with Shoresearch 12-11-2016 St Margaret’s Bay, nr Dover Free
Elham Park Wood 19-11-2016 Elham Park Wood Free

These events have passed.

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