Past Events

Event Event Date Location Price
Leaf miners and galls 19-09-2010 Free
Fungi and general interest 25-09-2010 Hothfield Heathland Free
Fungi and general interest 03-10-2010 Scotney Castle Free
Fungi 10-10-2010 Hicks Forstal Road Free
Kent Wildlife Conference 2010 16-10-2010 Free
Fungi 17-10-2010 Broadwater Forest RSPB Reserve Free
Fungi 24-10-2010 Fowlmead Country Park Free
Fungi 30-10-2010 Covert and Covet Wood. Free
Fungi 07-11-2010 Hothfield Heathland Free
Fungi 21-11-2010 Sandwich Bay Free

These events have passed.

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