Past Events

Event Event Date Location Price
Fungi 07-11-2010 Hothfield Heathland Free
Fungi 21-11-2010 Sandwich Bay Free
Kent's Wild Flowers (POSTPONED, sorry) 09-12-2010 Waterstones Free
Annual General Meeting 20-03-2011 Tyland Barn Free
Churchyard Lichens at Seal Church and/or Seal Chart 26-03-2011 Seal Church and/or Seal Chart Free
Bedgebury Forest for bryophytes 02-04-2011 Bedgebury Forest Free
Leggs Wood, Frittenden for Spring Interest 03-04-2011 Leggs Wood Free
Chingley & Whiskett Woods, Scotney 09-04-2011 Chingley and Whiskett Woods Free
Riverside Country Park & Berengrave Chalk Pit - Early flowers of coast and chalk quarry 23-04-2011 Riverside Country Park Free
Ashford Warren - General Interest 30-04-2011 Ashford Warren Free

These events have passed.

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