Past Events

Event Event Date Location Price
Kingsdown for a joint recording meeting with Shoresearch 04-03-2017 Free
Hungershall Rocks for a joint meeting with the British Bryological Society. 11-03-2017 Hungershall Rocks Free
Annual General Meeting of the Kent Field Club 12-03-2017 Tyland Barn Free
Chilston Ponds, Lenham Heath for amphibians 17-03-2017 Chilston Ponds, Lenham Heath Free
White Chimney wood near Benenden for joint meeting with Kent Botanical Recording Group 25-03-2017 White Chimney wood near Benenden Free
Stone Bay, Broadstairs 01-04-2017 Stone Bay Free
Orlestone Forest,for bryophytes and general recording 02-04-2017 Orlestone Forest, near Ashford Free
Mopesden wood near Hawkhurst, for bryophytes 08-04-2017 Mopesden wood near Hawkhurst Free
Rose Hill House, Key Street for general recording 23-04-2017 Rose Hill House, Key Street Free
St Mary’s Churchyard, Lamberhurst, for joint meeting with the South East Lichen group 29-04-2017 St Mary’s Churchyard, Lamberhurst Free

These events have passed.

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