Past Events

Event Event Date Location Price
Emmetts Garden, Ide Hill for fungi 23-09-2012 Emmetts Garden, Ide Hill Free
Queendown Warren for fungi 30-09-2012 Queendown Warren KWT Reserve Free
Wilden Wood for fungi 06-10-2012 Wilden Wood Free
Essex Field Club Conference - Recording the Natural History of Essex 13-10-2012 Wat Tyler Country Park, Pitsea, Essex Free
Scotney Castle for lichens of the National Trust woodland 14-10-2012 Scotney Castle Free
Kent Wildlife Conference 2012 - Kent's Heathlands 20-10-2012 University of Greenwich Chatham Campus Free
Ranscombe Farm for Fungi 04-11-2012 Ranscombe Farm Free
One Tree Hill, nr Sevenoaks, for fungi 11-11-2012 One Tree Hill Free
Recorder's Meeting at Tyland Barn 09-12-2012 Tyland Barn Free
Annual General Meeting 10-03-2013 Tyland Barn Free

These events have passed.

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