Past Events

Event Event Date Location Price
Old Park Hill, Dover for general interest 28-07-2012 Old Park Hill Free
Dungeness RSPB reserve for general interest 05-08-2012 Dungeness RSPB Reserve Free
Ranscombe Farm, Cuxton for bees and general interest 11-08-2012 Ranscombe Farm, Cuxton Free
Ham Street Woods for plant galls and general interest 18-08-2012 Ham Street Woods NNR Free
Lower Halstow to Ham Green and Otterham Creek for general interest 26-08-2012 Lower Halstow Free
Bull Heath Pit, Lenham for general interest 01-09-2012 Bull Pit Heath, Lenham Free
Kilndown Wood for fungi 02-09-2012 Kilndown Wood Free
Tudeley Woods for fungi 08-09-2012 Tudeley Woods Free
Oare Marshes for birds and general interest 09-09-2012 Oare Marshes Free
Holbeam Farm, Stalisfield for small mammal trapping, dormice and bird ringing 15-09-2012 Holbeam Farm, Stalisfield Free

These events have passed.

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