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A joint meeting with the Whitstable Natural History Society. Meet at TR329724, St. Mildred's Bay by 11am. Leader: Ian Titley
Event Date 15-04-2012
Location: Westgate
Meet at Cowden Church at TQ466404 by 10:30. Leader: Ishpi Blatchley
Event Date 24-03-2012
Location: Cowden Churchyard
Meet at Markbeech Church at TQ474427. Leader: Ishpi Blatchley
Event Date 24-03-2012
Location: Markbeech Churchyard

Details to be published shortly.

Please be at Tyland Barn by 2pm as the meeting will start promptly.

Event Date 18-03-2012
Location: Tyland Barn
This is a good site for bryophtes due to the varied and spectacular geology. Meet in the car park at TQ498553. Leader: Jan Handy
Event Date 11-03-2012
Location: Dryhill Picnic Site
Meet at the Old Lighthouse TR089169. Leader: Joyce Pitt
Event Date 12-11-2011
Location: Dungeness
Meet at the reserve entrance in Bourne Lane TR003337. Leader: Mario Tortelli
Event Date 30-10-2011
Location: Ham Street Woods NNR
Meet in the Plain Farm yard off Snoad Lane TQ758418. Leader: Joyce Pitt
Event Date 29-10-2011
Location: Snoad Wood, Marden Thorne
A split visit between Stubbs Wood in the morning and dryhill in the afternoon looking at leaf mines in green islands. Meet in car park TQ497518 by 10:30. Leader: Keith Palmer
Event Date 23-10-2011
Location: Stubbs Wood
Meet in car park at TQ498553 by 13:30. Leader: Keith Palmer
Event Date 23-10-2011
Location: Dryhill, Sundridge

The Natural History of NorthWest Kent

Saturday, 22 October 2011,10:00am – 4:00pm

Pilkington Lecture Theatre

University of Greenwich, Medway Campus

This year the aim of the conference will be to look at the current status of the flora and fauna of north-west Kent. This region has become increasingly urbanised in recent decades as London's suburbs and its commuters have spread farther east into Kent. The 'North-West' extends from Bromley and Bexley east to Gravesend and to the towns along the river Medway. The built area in the west is known to support some of the largest and most important brownfield sites for invertebrates in the country, owing to its warm, south-easterly location in the UK. By contrast there are some wonderful stretches of open downland and woodland rich in wildlife along the area's southern boundary. The northern boundary is defined by the river Thames and includes the Isle of Grain. Entirely different types of habitat occur here; isolated woodland remnants, extensive patches of grazing marsh and lagoons important for overwintering and breeding birds, sea defences and saltmarshes. The river Thames itself is rich in marine flora and fauna.This area appears to have received less attention from naturalists than other equivalent areas of Kent in recent years and one of the aims of the meeting is to collate information for future conservation purposes. For example, the siting of a third London airport in the region remains an issue. Landscape scale conservation plans for the area have been prepared and will be discussed during the day.

View and download the conference programme and booking form here:

icon Kent Wildlife Conference 2011 Programme

Event Date 22-10-2011
Location: University of Greenwich Chatham Campus
Meet at the double gates, beneath the overhead pylons, north of the Pembury Hospital and south of Sandhill Farm TQ613416. Leader: Martin Allison
Event Date 15-10-2011
Location: Pembury Heath RSPB
Meet in Church Road at TQ573552. Leader: Trudy Fleming
Event Date 09-10-2011
Location: Seal Chart
Meet at the car park TQ670629. Leader: Anne Andrews
Event Date 01-10-2011
Location: Holly Hill, Birling
A late summer visit to this important KWT reserve to look for fungi. Meet in the reserve car park at TQ828630. Leader: Alec Henricki
Event Date 25-09-2011
Location: Queendown Warren KWT Reserve
Meet at the reserve car park TQ828630. Leader: Fred Booth
Event Date 17-09-2011
Location: Ashford Warren
Meet in Hurstwood Road (or the church car park) TQ797622. Leader: Joyce Pitt
Event Date 10-09-2011
Location: Bredhurst Woods
Meet in car park at TQ781758. Leader: Keith Palmer
Event Date 03-09-2011
Location: Northward Hill RSPB Reserve, High Halstow
Take the minor road south off the A26 at Eridge Green (to Robertsbridge). After 1.5km take the minor track on the west side to Hamsell manor. Continue towards Stitches Farm. Take the minor lane on the west signed Troutbeck. Park along this drive at TQ550336. Leader: Ian Beavis
Event Date 28-08-2011
Location: Troutbeck Private Reserve, Eridge
Meet in the NT car park at TR337423. Leaders: Fred Booth & Lesley Mason
Event Date 20-08-2011
Location: Langdon Cliffs National Trust, Dover
Meet in the public car park off Old Maidstone Road, Lenham at TQ897522 and share cars to the site. Leader: Laurence Clemons
Event Date 13-08-2011
Location: Kiln Wood KWT Reserve, Lenham
Meet on Seasalter Lane at TR091642 where there will be off road parking. Leader: Richard Moyse
Event Date 06-08-2011
Location: Seasalter Levels LNR

Please note that this is a new meeting not included in the printed programme card

Meet in the car park at the rear of the George and Dragon Centre off the A2 at TR287444. Leader: Peter Kirby

Event Date 31-07-2011
Location: Lydden Down NNR

Please note this is a change of date from that published in the printed programme

Meet in the Plain Farm yard off Snoad Lane TQ758418. Leader: Joyce Pitt

Event Date 24-07-2011
Location: Snoad Wood, Marden Thorne
Meet at the green along Brook Lane (no through road) off Swan Lane TR117386. Leaders: Doug Grant and Sue Poyser
Event Date 17-07-2011
Location: Gibbins Brook, Sellindge

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