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The annual general meeting of the Kent Field Club.  The business of the club will be accompanied by interesting talks on a variety of subjects. Details will be published soon.  Meet at Tyland Barn, TQ752593.

Event Date 10-03-2013
Location: Tyland Barn

A meeting for all members to get together to discuss the year's meetings plus a talk by Ian Titley on the "History of Natural History in Kent".  Mince pies and mulled wine will be available.  Meet at Tyland Barn, Maidstone at TQ752593

Event Date 09-12-2012
Location: Tyland Barn

One Tree Hill, near Sevenoks, for fungi. Meet in car park at TQ558532. Leader: Anne Andrews

Event Date 11-11-2012
Location: One Tree Hill

Ranscombe Farm for fungi. Meet at TQ710690, Knight's Place recreation ground off Albatross Avenue, Strood. Leader: Joyce Pitt

Event Date 04-11-2012
Location: Ranscombe Farm

Kent's Heathlands: four decades of change

Saturday 20th October 2012

University of Greenwich, Medway Campus, Chatham Maritime ME4 4TB.

In 1974, Kent Field Club held a symposium on the then Hothfield Local Nature Reserve. This dealt with the site's history, geology, soils, biology and conservation management, and resulted in a series of papers which formed Volume 5, part 3 of the Transactions of the Kent Field Club, published in 1975. Since this time, a huge amount of conservation work has been carried out at Hothfield, and the site much expanded as Hothfield Heathlands. What has happened at Hothfield has also happened in other parts of Kent, with heathland restoration and recreation at Pembury, in the Blean, at Dartford and elsewhere. Whether or not this reflects a change in our thinking about heathland, it undoubtedly results from the increased ability of conservation bodies to undertake habitat management at ever larger scales, and as well as a much wider recognition by society that action for nature conservation is important. This conference will examine not just Hothfield, but other important heathland sites in Kent, presenting papers on the current extent of the county's heathland, heathland biodiversity, and current management of key sites.

The full prgramme and booking form are available here


Event Date 20-10-2012
Location: University of Greenwich Chatham Campus
Meet at TR024499, in the National Trust car park at TQ687354 (free at tie of publication). Leaders: Ishpi Blatchley & Keith Palmer
Event Date 14-10-2012
Location: Scotney Castle

Recording the Natural History of Essex

Carstairs Suite, Green Centre, Wat Tyler Country
Park, Pitsea SS16 4UH. TQ7383,8656.

£19 per person including lunch and coffee/tea.

Booking and payment to Ken Adams, 63 Wroths
Path, Loughton, Essex IG10 1SH. Cheques payable
to Essex Field Club.

LUNCH (includ: gluten free and vegetarian). Deadline 28th September.

Posters on Natural History Recording/Ecology also welcome.

Programme available here

Event Date 13-10-2012
Location: Wat Tyler Country Park, Pitsea, Essex
Meet at TQ756419, parking in Sherenden Lane. Leader: Joyce Pitt
Event Date 06-10-2012
Location: Wilden Wood
Meet in the reserve car park at TQ828630. Leader: Alec Henricki
Event Date 30-09-2012
Location: Queendown Warren KWT Reserve
Meet in the National Trust car park at TQ479526 (free at time of publication). Leader: Trudy Flemming
Event Date 23-09-2012
Location: Emmetts Garden, Ide Hill
Meet at TQ971544, Holbeam Farm, Holbeam Road, ME13 0HS. Leader: Ken West
Event Date 15-09-2012
Location: Holbeam Farm, Stalisfield
Meet in the car park at the end of Church Road, Oare TR013647. Leader: Kevin Duvall
Event Date 09-09-2012
Location: Oare Marshes
Meet at the Tudeley Woods car park at TQ616434. Leader: Martin Allison
Event Date 08-09-2012
Location: Tudeley Woods
Meet at TQ700352, allow time for parking near Kilndown village church. Leader: Mario Tortelli
Event Date 02-09-2012
Location: Kilndown Wood
A visit to this disused sandpit local nature reserve. Meet at TQ908498, allow time for limited parking at roadside.  Leader: Fred Booth
Event Date 01-09-2012
Location: Bull Pit Heath, Lenham
A walk along the Medway estuary to examine the salt marshes and seashore. Meet in Lapwing Drive, Lower Halstow at TQ859673. Leader: Ian Titley
Event Date 26-08-2012
Location: Lower Halstow

A joint meeting with the British Plant Gall Society. Meet in the car park at Faggs Wood at TQ987347, allow time for parking. Leader: Keith Palmer



Event Date 18-08-2012
Location: Ham Street Woods NNR
Meet at TQ717674 in the car park of this Plantlife reserve, additional parking is available in the field on the right of the track above the main car park. Leader: Richard Moyse
Event Date 11-08-2012
Location: Ranscombe Farm, Cuxton
Meet in the RSPB car park at TR067184. Leader: Martin Randall
Event Date 05-08-2012
Location: Dungeness RSPB Reserve
An opportunity to gather records for this new Kent Wildlife Trust reserve. Meet in the car park off Monks Way at TR303435. Leader: Wendy Thurley
Event Date 28-07-2012
Location: Old Park Hill
A return visit to this site to view the results of recent management work. Meet in car park by sculptural gate at TR246377. To access, drive slowly down the potholed track to the Warren, passing the martello tower, keep left to arrive at the gate and car park. Leaders: Josie Newman & Fred Booth
Event Date 22-07-2012
Location: Folkestone Warren
The first KFC visit to this new Kent County Council country park and nearby chalk grassland and scrub mosaic. Meet in the car park at TQ808586. Please note there is a parking charge of £1.50 (at time of publication). Leader: Lesley Mason
Event Date 14-07-2012
Location: Whitehorse Wood Country Park
A visit to this oak canopy and hazel coppice woodland with particular interest in monitoring post PAWS conifer clearance and livstock grazing. Meet in Wildwood car park at TR173637. Leader: John Puckett
Event Date 08-07-2012
Location: Farthings Wood
A joint meeting with the British Entomology & Natural History Society. Meet at the micro-light airfield, Middle Stoke at TQ833753 where limited parking is available. Leader: John Badmin
Event Date 01-07-2012
Location: Stoke Saltings, Isle of Grain
A chance to visit this chalk grassland valley and cliff top, and assess the large scale scrub removal undertaken at this site. Meet at TR359438 by the cattle trough along Lighthouse Road, St. Margaret's. Leaders: Josie Newman & Fred Booth
Event Date 30-06-2012
Location: South Foreland Valley

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