Past Events

Event Event Date Location
Holborough Marshes for general interest 03-06-2012 Holborough Marshes
Wilden Wood for spring flowers and general interest 02-06-2012 Wilden Wood
Denge Woods for butterflies, orchids and general interest 27-05-2012 Denge & Eggringe Woods
The Larches, Detling for aculeates and general interest 26-05-2012 The Larches, Detling.
The Long Pits, Dungeness for general interest 20-05-2012 The Long Pits, Dungeness
Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve for invertebrates and general interest 19-05-2012 Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve
Southborough Common for invertebrates and general interest 13-05-2012 Southborough Common
Admiral & Gorham Woods for spring flowers of chalk woodland 12-05-2012 Admiral & Gorham Woods
Bossenden & Hospital Woods for general interest 05-05-2012 Bossenden & Hospital Woods
Burnt Oak Wood for general interest 29-04-2012 Burnt Oak Wood
Brockhill Country Park for bryophytes and general interest 21-04-2012 Brockhill Country Park
Westgate seashore 15-04-2012 Westgate
Churchyard lichens at Cowden Church 24-03-2012 Cowden Churchyard
Churchyard lichens at Markbeech Church 24-03-2012 Markbeech Churchyard
Kent Field Club Annual General Meeting 18-03-2012 Tyland Barn
Dryhill Picnic Site for bryophytes 11-03-2012 Dryhill Picnic Site
Dungeness for lichens and fungi 12-11-2011 Dungeness
Ham Street Woods NNR for fungi 30-10-2011 Ham Street Woods NNR
Snoad Wood, Marden Thorne for fungi 29-10-2011 Snoad Wood, Marden Thorne
Looking for mines in green islands. Stubbs Wood 23-10-2011 Stubbs Wood
Looking for mines in green islands. Dryhill, Sundridge 23-10-2011 Dryhill, Sundridge
Kent Wildlife Conference - The Natural History of North-West Kent 22-10-2011 University of Greenwich Chatham Campus
Pembury Heath RSPB for fungi 15-10-2011 Pembury Heath RSPB
Seal Chart for fungi 09-10-2011 Seal Chart
Holly Hill, Birling for fungi 01-10-2011 Holly Hill, Birling

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