Past Events

Event Event Date Location
Ham Fen SSSI for wetland plants and invertebrates 13-07-2013 Ham Fen SSSI KWT Reserve
Combwell & Shearnfold Woods for general recording 07-07-2013 Combwell & Shearnfold Woods, Kilndown
Ladd's Farm for chalk flora and general recording 29-06-2013
Dungeness, for general recording in the Kerton Triangle 22-06-2013 Dungeness
Church Wood, Blean, for Diptera and general recording 16-06-2013 Church Wood, Blean
Vinters Valley nature reserve for general recording 15-06-2013 Vinters Valley nature reserve, Maidstone
Sherwood Lake & Woods for invertebrate and general recording 08-06-2013 Sherwood Lake & woods, Tunbridge Wells
The Blean Festival 2013: Free conference 02-06-2013 The Canterbury Academy
Chiddingstone Brickworks for invertebrates and general interest 01-06-2013 Chiddingstone Brickworks
An evening shore walk around Neptune's Arm 25-05-2013 Neptune's Arm, Herne Bay
Upper River Medway for birds and general recording 18-05-2013 River Medway from Hartlake Bridge nr Tonbridge
Horish Wood, Detling, for spring flora and general recording 11-05-2013 Horish Wood, Detling
Beechborough Park, Summerhouse and Tolsford Hills for botany and general interest of chalk grassland 04-05-2013 Beechborough Park, Summerhouse and Tolsford Hills
Oare Marshes for spring ephemeral plants and general recording 28-04-2013 Oare Marshes
Ryarsh wood, Birling, for spring flora and general recording 27-04-2013 Ryarsh Wood, Birling
Hunstead Wood for spring flora 20-04-2013 Hunstead Woods KWT Reserve
Wey Street Farm on the Romney Marsh for general recording 13-04-2013 Wey Street Farm
Cinderhill and Brenchley woods for bryophytes 06-04-2013 Cinderhill and Brenchley Woods
Churchyard Lichens at Chiddingstone 23-03-2013 Chiddingstone Churchyard
Churchyard Lichens at Hever 23-03-2013 Hever Churchyard
General recording on the North Downs at Stowting 16-03-2013 High Field Farm, Stowting
Annual General Meeting 10-03-2013 Tyland Barn
Recorder's Meeting at Tyland Barn 09-12-2012 Tyland Barn
One Tree Hill, nr Sevenoaks, for fungi 11-11-2012 One Tree Hill
Ranscombe Farm for Fungi 04-11-2012 Ranscombe Farm

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