Past Events

Event Event Date Location
Lynsted Orchard for lichen recording 29-08-2015 Lynsted Orchard
Swanscombe Peninsula for botanical recording 23-08-2015 Swanscombe Peninsula
Endings Wood, near Doddington. Chalk grassland for botany, invertebrates and general interest 22-08-2015 Endings Wood, near Doddington
Kingsdown Farm, Kingsdown, Lynsted, for general recording including cornfield weeds 15-08-2015 Kingsdown Farm, Kingsdown, Lynsted
Great Bells RSPB Reserve, Isle of Sheppey, for baseline flora, fauna and fungi. 09-08-2015 Great Bells RSPB Reserve, Isle of Sheppey
Hothfield Heathlands KWT reserve for bees and other invertebrates. 08-08-2015 Hothfield Heathland
Western Heights LNR, Dover for general interest 02-08-2015 Western Heights LNR
Whinless Down LNR, Dover for general interest 26-07-2015 Whinless Down LNR
Universities at Medway and Lower Lines Park for bees, other invertebrates and general interest. 25-07-2015 University of Greenwich, Chatham Maritime
Hen’s Brook, Isle of Sheppey for invertebrates and general recording 19-07-2015 Hen’s Brook, Isle of Sheppey
Ightham churchyard for lichens. 18-07-2015
Angley Wood, Cranbrook for botanical recording 12-07-2015
Walpole Bay, Margate for joint meeting with Shoresearch. 05-07-2015 Walpole Bay, Margate
Alex Farm Pastures, Shadoxhurst for invertebrates and general recording. 04-07-2015 Alex Farm Pastures, Shadoxhurst
Ladd’s farm, Snodland for chalk grassland flora and general recording. 27-06-2015
Polebrook Meadows SSSI, species rich hay meadows and shaws. 20-06-2015 Polebrook Meadows SSSI
Old Swan Farm, nr Lamberhurst Quarter for botanical recording 13-06-2015
Hurst Wood, Charing Heath for all records. 07-06-2015
Dartford Marshes for invertebrates and general records 06-06-2015
Larkey Valley Wood nature reserve for spring flora and general interest 30-05-2015 Larkey Valley Wood
Cliffe Fort & Higham Marshes. 24-05-2015 Cliffe Fort & Higham Marshes
Seasalter for joint meeting with Shoresearch. 17-05-2015 Seasalter beach
Beacon Wood Country Park, Bean. Invertebrates, lichens and general records required. 16-05-2015 Beacon Wood Country Park, Bean
Thames riverside & marshes at Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury. 10-05-2015 Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Brokes Wood, Southborough, for invertebrates and general interest. 03-05-2015 Brokes Wood, Southborough

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