Past Events

Event Event Date Location
Upper Hardres Wood, Bossingham a joint meeting with KBRG for botany 21-05-2016 Upper Hardres Wood, Bossingham
Coombe Hole & Connaught park, Dover, for reptiles and general recording 15-05-2016 Coombe Hole and Connaught Park, Dover
Ashford Warren for general recording 14-05-2016 Ashford Warren
Reculver for a seaweed identification workshop with Ian Tittley and Shoresearch 08-05-2016 Reculver Country Park
Hobb’s Hill Farm, Cowden for general recording 07-05-2016 Hobb’s Hill Farm, Cowden
Haysden Country Park, Tonbridge for general recording 30-04-2016 Haysden Country Park, Tonbridge
Conningbrook Lakes for bryophytes 16-04-2016 Conningbrook Lakes CP
Dymchurch for a joint recording meeting at Hythe Bay with Shoresearch 10-04-2016 Dymchurch
Dungeness for birds and general records 09-04-2016 Dungeness RSPB Reserve
Friezland Wood for bryophytes 03-04-2016 Friezland Wood
Annual General Meeting 13-03-2016 Tyland Barn
Old Park Wood, Iden Green. 12-03-2016 Old Park Wood, Iden Green
Joss Bay, North Foreland, Margate for joint meeting with Shoresearch. 21-11-2015 Joss Bay, North Foreland
Ladd’s farm woodlands, Snodland, for fungi 15-11-2015
Tudeley woods, near Pembury for fungi 08-11-2015 Tudeley RSPB Reserve
Beacon Wood Country Park, Bean, for fungi. 31-10-2015 Beacon Wood Country Park, Bean
Hever castle, Hever, near Edenbridge for fungi. 25-10-2015
Samphire Hoe for joint meeting with Shoresearch 25-10-2015 Samphire Hoe
Kent Wildlife Conference 2015 24-10-2015 University of Kent
Larkey Valley Wood nature reserve for fungi 17-10-2015 Larkey Valley Wood
Perry Wood, Selling, for fungi 11-10-2015 Perry Wood, Selling
Farningham Woods Nature Reserve for fungi 03-10-2015 Farningham Woods Nature Reserve
Kingsmarsh Lane, a byway on Romney Marsh, for harvest mouse nest search and general recording 27-09-2015 Kingsmarsh Lane, Romney Marsh
Sandgate reef, near Folkstone for Shoresearch 26-09-2015 Sandgate reef, near Folkstone
The Future of Conservation in Kent Conference 12-09-2015 University of Kent

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