Past Events

Event Event Date Location
CANCELLED - Otford Mount, for general recording 23-05-2020 Coombe Road, Otford mount
CANCELLED - Conningbrook Lakes, Ashford, for botany and general recording 16-05-2020 Conningbrook Lakes CP
CANCELLED - Sladden Farm and Wood, Alkham, for botany and general recording 10-05-2020 Sladden Farm and Wood, Alkham
CANCELLED - Cadleigh Bank at Hartley Bottom Farm for general recording 02-05-2020 Hartley Bottom Farm, Meopham Green
CANCELLED - Well Wood, West Wickham, for lichens and general recording 25-04-2020 Well Wood, West Wickham
CANCELLED - Pilots Wood, at the Polhill Bank Kent Wildlife Trust reserve, for spring flora and general recording 18-04-2020 Polhill Bank KWT
CANCELLED - King’s Wood, Challock for bryophytes and general recording 04-04-2020 King's Wood, Challock
CANCELLED - Rooks Hill, near Sevenoaks, for a joint meeting with the British Bryological Society 28-03-2020 One Tree Hill
Hemsted Forest for fungi.  17-11-2019 Hemsted Forest, Benenden
Sharsted woods and Doddington place parkland for fungi 16-11-2019 Sharsted Woods and Doddington Place
Badgin Wood near North Street, Faversham for fungi 02-11-2019 Badgin and Rice woods, Faversham
Blean Woods RSPB Reserve, Rough Common, Canterbury for fungi. 12-10-2019 Church Wood, Blean
Kent Wildlife Conference 2019 12-10-2019 University of Kent
Hamstreet Woods NNR for fungi recording 05-10-2019 Hamstreet woods NNR
Denge & Eggringe Wood for fungi and general recording 28-09-2019 Denge & Eggringe Woods
Yockletts Bank KWT reserve for fungi. 21-09-2019 Yockletts Bank KWT
Park Wood SSSI, Chilham for fungi and general recording 14-09-2019 Park Wood, Chilham
Hosey Common, for fungi and all records 08-09-2019 Hosey Common
Dover Western Heights for bees and general interest. 01-09-2019 Dover Western Heights
Lower Minster, Sheppey for invertebrates and general interest 18-08-2019 Thistle Hill Community Wood
Woodbury Park Cemetery and St John's Meadows, Tunbridge Wells, for invertebrates and general recording 03-08-2019 Woodbury Park Cemetery and St John's Meadows, Tunbridge Wells
Folkestone Warren, for ants, bees, wasps and general interest 28-07-2019 Folkestone Warren
Holy Trinity Churchyard in East Peckham and after at nearby St Michael’s churchyard for all records 20-07-2019 Holy Trinity Churchyard, East Peckham
Polhill Bank KWT reserve for general recording 13-07-2019 Polhill Bank KWT

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