Kent Wildlife Conference 2019


9.50   Welcome and introduction. John Badmin, Kent Field Club.


10.00 A personal view of the Hymenoptera (solitary bee and wasp) highlights of Kent.

          Grant Hazlehurst, Kent Field Club.

10.25 How camera trap technology can help us learn more about Kent’s wildlife.

          Will Hughes, Hadlow College.

10.50 Heroes of the night: diet and habitat use in UK bats. 

          Kate Denton, University of Greenwich.


11.15 – 11.45 Coffee and poster session


11.45  Whatever happened to Kent’s vegetation? Why Kent was left out of the National vegetation classification.

           Alex Lockton, Ecological Consultant, Whitstable.

12.10  Guardians of the Deep.

           Laura Welton, Thanet District Council.

12.35  Impacts of non-native Ring-necked parakeets.

           Hazel Jackson, DICE, University of Kent.


13.00 – 14.10 Lunch and poster session

14.10  Project and record requests.

14.20  Long-term studies of intertidal communities at Botany Bay, Thanet.

           Ian Tittley, Natural History Museum and Kent Field Club.

14.50 Ten year’s of the Short-haired Bumblebee Project.

           Nikki Gammans. Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Kent Field Club.


15.30   Refreshments and Close.


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Event Date 12-10-2019
Event End Date 12-10-2019
Price £20.00
Location University of Kent

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