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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the Kent Field Club. Meet at Tyland Barn TQ752593 by 2 pm.

Including the Annual President's Address

'Kentish badgers; not what you expect?'

By Kent Field Club President, Martin Newcombe

Plus short reports on other aspects of Kent's wildlife:

'Kent Tephritid Flies' by Laurence Clemons

'The Seaweeds of Kent' by Ian Tittley

It is planned that the AGM will also be the launch date of:

"The New Atlas of the Seaweeds of Kent".

The AGM will include the following special resolutions:

Proposals for further changes to the Club's constitution as detailed here: docKFC constitution proposed changes 2016.doc and intended, inter alia, to clarify and simplify membership and meetings arrangements, and to simplify the arrangements governing any future change to the constitution

Event Date 13-03-2016
Location Tyland Barn